Two Rivers It Is!


Alyssa and I have had several busy weeks.  I drove up from Skagway and she drove from Montana.  We have both arrived in Two Rivers along with 28 dogs, 4 of which are 3 1/2 month old pups.  We decided to name them after Norse Gods:  Odin, Loki, Freya & Eira.  Odin is the chief God, while Loki is the God of Mischief (which he seems to be living up to his name already as he was the only puppy that was all green after running around with the other puppies while Alyssa and I painted dog houses), Freya is the Goddess of Fertility (puppies in her future?) and Eira is the Goddess of Healing.  Since arriving here it seems as though I have already spent a good portion of the money I earned this summer.  I built a 28 dog yard and storage shed, bought two tons of dog food, and purchased a 4-wheeler for Fall training.  Alyssa has started classes at UAF for the Fall.  She will be helping me train the dogs this Fall, but is especially excited to not have class in the spring so that she can be my full-time handler.  

The pictures show the dog yard before and after as well as photos from Alyssa and her dad visiting me on the glacier on their drive up to Alaska and our stop into Eagle to drop off my parents’ dogs.  

I will be taking off for a week to go hunting in Eagle with Alyssa’s brother and dad as well as visit my family.  We hope to bring back a good bit of moose meat.  As soon as I arrive back in Two Rivers I will begin Fall training with the dogs.  We will be slightly behind schedule when we start but will jump right into it.  The dogs are anxious to get out running again.  Now that we are back and almost settled in, you can expect blogs more frequently.  Once our races begin in December we plan to post more.  We have a lot to learn this winter about racing, it is sure to be a fun new adventure!




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