Top of the World


Snow at last!! The eighteen inches or so we got made a BIG difference. It started snowing on us while we were up in the White Mountains on a 70 mile run with Amanda Gecas. The dogs did everything we had hoped for; I primarily wanted them to learn to rest while still on the gangline. They did great!  The dogs rested for 4 hours at a cabin roughly 30 miles out from the trailhead. We had planned on going past that cabin another 12 or so miles to the next cabin on the trail system but we were the first ones that far out on the trail this year and didn’t know where we were going.  So we turned around 6 miles past the cabin we ended up staying at. The temps got REALLY warm that far up in the mountains with the snowy overcast we had that day. It was about 10 above! And that’s coming off of 40 and 50 below we had for about a week just two days before.

As you may have guessed, the Sheep Mountain was cancelled due to lack of snow.  Our sights are now set on the Top of the World 350.  We head for Tok next Wednesday, with the race starting on the 27th.  I must choose 14 dogs for the race and I have four that I am going back and forth between for not racing.  Alyssa left for Montana today for the holidays.  She will be back on Christmas day, which will give us enough time to finish packing up the truck.  If you’re interested, check out the TOTW350 here.  Also, here is a link to an article about a recent wolf attack on a Tok area trapper.  Let’s hope the wolf doesn’t mingle with any dog teams next week.

Happy Holidays!



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