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Long time, no post!  Sorry about the wait…Smokin’ Ace Kennels is still in the puppy stages of growing, but we are almost there!  We have been busy racing and redoing the website to make it easier for us to update.  Here is a list of winter happenings, in order in which the events occurred.   Please check out our other pages on the site, as they will all be given a nice update over the next two weeks before we take off.  Still snow on the ground here in Two Rivers.  Mush on!

1.  Matt places 9th in his first mid-distance race, the Top of the World 350

2. Matt places 14th in the Copper Basin 300

3.  Matt, Alyssa and Teams mushed to and from Eagle over the Quest (a 300 mile roundtrip journey done with friends Robert and Amanda)

4.  Alyssa is accepted into CSU’s Veterinary Medicine Program and will be matriculating in the Fall of 2013

5.  Matt places 2nd in the Two Rivers 200; Alyssa places 10th in her first mid-distance race

6.  Alyssa places 1st in Sheep Mountain 200

7.  Ruby and Hamlet go on several dates…we expect puppies by June!

8.  Matt places 2nd in the Valley Funnale’s 6-dog, 10-mile spring race; Alyssa places 14th with our four 10-month old puppies

9.  Framed!byAlyssa starts accepting orders…check out Matt and Alyssa’s handcrafted frames for sale here

10.  Headed back to Skagway soon for the start of the summer tourism season at Alaska Icefield Expeditions!


Two Rivers 200

Two Rivers 200 – Alyssa

Copper Basin 300 - Matt

Copper Basin 300 – Matt


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