Snowy Start


Up to 24 miles with the dogs!  We have about 3 inches of snow on the ground…which means chains on the 4-wheeler.  Alyssa has taken the small sled known as the ‘squirrel’ out for several 4-5 dog runs.  It won’t be long now that we start taking the bigger sleds out and put the 4-wheeler away for the winter.

I forgot to mention in the previous blog that we recently attended the 2012 Sled Dog Symposium held in Fairbanks in mid-October.  It was a lot of fun meeting different mushers and learning more about racing.  We will be having fun experimenting with various nutritional supplements over the next 5 months as we race.  The dogs will be eating better than we are!

Also, Alyssa and I have both signed up for the Two Rivers 200 in early March!  We hope to both be running 12 dog teams.  Happy Halloween!!  MH


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