Grooming Your Pet is Important to His Health

Our professional grooming services will make your family dog feel look and feel like a pampered pooch. We know you love your pet and want to make sure that he always looks his best. When it comes to grooming your pet, we provide a full range of grooming services in a comfortable, stress-free environment. Our groomers are specially trained to deal with all breeds and types of dogs without using tranquilizers or other harmful techniques.

Stress-free Dog Grooming

Talk to us about what works best with your pup so that we can provide a personalized experience that he’ll enjoy. We understand that some dogs may be nervous or have special needs and are happy to accommodate them. We know the value of a soothing voice or comforting scratch behind the ears. Our professional groomers will be happy to do whatever it takes to make your dog’s grooming experience a comfortable and happy one. We’ll also be happy to talk to you after the grooming about how your pet did and discuss ways to make the grooming experience more comfortable for him in the future. Our services include:

Our Grooming Products

We only use the highest quality dog grooming products and safest dog grooming tools on your dog.We’re also happy to use special products that you supply at no extra charge. If your veterinarian has recommended a specific product line to meet your dog’s special needs, please let us know so that we can provide the best possible grooming care for your pet.

Our Dog Grooming Services

We provide a full range of grooming services from basic shampoos to full-scale day spa services that will make your pooch feel like royalty. Our goal is to make your pet look and smell great in a totally stress-free environment. Our experienced dog groomers are expert in all standard breed clips, and will be happy to provide custom clips and cuts for pet parents who know exactly what they want for their pups.

In addition to standard shampoos and cuts, we offer a range of other grooming and pet care services that include medicated shampoos, moisturizing shampoos for pets with dry, flaky skin, deep conditioning and massage for glossy coats, and flea and tick treatments as needed.

Dog Hygiene Treatments

In addition to “beauty treatments,” our dog grooming services include standard hygiene treatments,including nail trimming, ear cleaning and tooth brushing. Beyond the standard, we’re here for those emergency situations, like a face-to-face meeting with the neighborhood skunk, and de-matting your pet’s coat with a kennel clip or full take down for de-shedding and keeping your pet cooler in warm summer months.

We believe that bathing and grooming are essential to your pet’s comfort and health. Our groomers will work with you to provide for all of your dog grooming needs, from skin care and pedicures to basic shampoos and haircuts. Our grooming services are available by individual appointment, or on a regular schedule. When you choose our grooming services for your pet, you can be sure that our staff of groomers will handle your pet with love, care and expertise.

Whether your dog needs a quick shampoo, a flea treatment or the full salon treatment, we offer the best grooming services you’ll find anywhere. Call us for grooming your pet and other dog care services and products.