Fall Training


We have been busy getting the dogs in shape for winter!  I am taking out two teams of 12 dogs with the 4-wheeler right now.  We are covering about 14 miles a day with each team.  Soon I will decide which 16 of the 24 adults I have will compose my ‘A’ team.  This will allow me to really focus on one team of dogs.  Alyssa will get to run the other 8 dogs the rest of the winter.   I am officially signed up to run the Sheep Mountain 150 in mid-December, the Top of the World 350 in late December and the Northern Lights 300 in late January.  We are looking at another couple of races to enter as well.  Should be a good schedule that will allow the dogs to get a lot of race experience!  Hope you enjoy the pictures from one of our fall training runs.  MH


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