We Offer Only the Best Dog Products

We use only the finest and highest quality dog grooming and dog care products in our facility, and make them available to you for use at home whenever possible. Our pet supplies store offers a variety of dog products that we are happy to recommend for your use.

Dog Food

Every dog has special dietary needs, so there is no one-size-feeds-all dog food. Because we understand that sudden changes of diet can upset your pup’s tummy, especially when he’s already feeling stressed over changes to his routine, we encourage our boarding clients to provide any special diet dog foods that their pups are used to eating. We do use a specific diet and will be happy to discuss our usual choices of dog food diet with you before you make a boarding reservation.
We also offer a variety of special diet dog foods that keep our dogs healthy and frisky. Check out our pet supplies section for more details on the best dog foods available.

Dog Grooming Products

We use only high-quality shampoos, conditioners and dog grooming products for our guests. Many of these products are only available to professional groomers and kennels through wholesale pet supply houses. We are happy to offer these same salon quality dog grooming supplies and products to our customers.

Dog Shampoos

We use a variety of shampoos and choose the right one depending on your dog’s needs. Our choices include:
Whitening Shampoo: for light-coated dogs. Helps to brighten the coat and reduces yellowing and staining when used regularly
Oatmeal Shampoo: Relieve itchy, dry and flaking skin.
Hypoallergenic Shampoo:For dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.No irritation,no perfumes and no dyes.
Blueberry Facial Scrub: gets rid of eye-staining and tear stains, and leaves a fresh, clean scent
Cream Rinses: detangles longer coats, making it easier to groom and comb, and adds luster
Deep Coat Conditioners: for dogs with dry, flaky, itchy skin and brittle or damaged coats.Deeply moisturizes skin and reduces flakiness and itchiness

Dog Grooming Supplies and Equipment

The right brushes, combs, clippers and other grooming equipment can make it easy for you to care for your dog’s coat and nails between grooming appointments. Check out the professional quality grooming equipment we offer for you to use at home.

Dog Toys

Your dog loves toys, and we know which toys she really loves. We carry a variety of safe, non-toxic and engaging toys to keep your pet amused during her stay with us. Now you can take the same toys home with you. Our selection includes some of the best-known and loved dog toy brands available anywhere.

Dog Beds and Dog Pads

You don’t sleep on the hard floor. Why should your dog? Dog pads and dog beds provide cushioning between your dog and hard floor, as well as insulating his bones from the chill. You’ll also find a selection of special dog bedding that repels fleas and other pests, washable dog bedding and other specialty types of dog bedding. Take home the same high-quality dog products that the professionals use and continue the high level care and love at home.