Dog Breed and Grooming

We understand that your dog’s breed influences many aspects of his care, so we take the differences among dog breeds seriously. Our expert groomers and dog care specialists are trained to take breed into account when providing care and grooming for your pet. Our facility caters to dogs of all breeds, and always provides dog breed specific grooming and care for your canine friend.


The most obvious place where dog breed matters is in grooming. The AKC recognizes specific grooming standards for dogs by breed, and all of your groomers are trained in providing the proper grooming and care for your dog unless you have other specific requests. Keep in mind that standard dog breed cuts have both style and functional purposes. A terrier’s wiry hair, for example, requires far different care than the long-and-silky locks of a typical Irish Setter. Likewise, a city dog who spends most of his time indoors needs different coat and grooming care than an outdoor dog that regularly goes hunting and camping with you. Our groomers will always discuss your desires and needs with you before setting to work. Please let them know if you intend to show your dog or if there are particular lifestyle choices that should be taken into account when grooming your dog.

Pet Care and Breed

In addition to matters of style and function, dog breed also affects specific types of care. Some breeds are more susceptible to certain health concerns than other breeds. Shiba Inus, for example, are prone to periodontal disease, so our dog groomers will typically recommend tooth cleaning as part of your Shiba’s regular grooming routine. Our professional groomers understand that there’s more to grooming than looks, and we’ll always take your dog’s breed into account when it makes a difference.


While some of them may seem stereotypical, there’s no doubt that different dog breeds have specific traits with which they are associated. Our dog care workers know and understand the differences among dog breeds and are careful to adjust behavior and expectations to those differences in temperament. You can expect that your pet will receive both individualized attention and breed-specific care. Unlike many other boarding kennels, we do not specialize in one dog breed, nor do we exclude dogs because they happen to be of a specific breed.


Dog breed affects many aspects of your dog’s physical, and size is among the most obvious. When you board your dog with us, we’ll always provide quarters that are big enough to be comfortable and small enough to feel secure.

We understand that your dog’s breed may be part of the reason you choose him, or it may not matter to you at all. Our trained dog groomers and dog care specialists do understand how and when dog breed does make a difference. You can always expect top quality care for your four-legged family member,regardless of breed – or lack of pedigree – when you choose our facility for your dog grooming, doggie day care and dog boarding needs.