Why Use a Full Service Dog Kennel?

cj-4Does your pup run and hide when he hears the word “kennel”? Let us change her mind!

The right dog kennel is more than just a place to leave your puppy when you have to leave town for a few days. The best dog kennels offer the all the comforts of home except you. These are some of the many services you can and should expect from the best dog kennels.

Boarding Kennels

Are you still boarding your dog at the vet’s when you’re out of town for a few days or longer? Ouch! No wonder she hates it. Your vet may be the most loving and caring professional in the world, but face it – your pup associates her with unpleasant experiences. Is it any wonder she kicks up a fuss when you bring her in?

The best boarding kennels specialize in short- and long-term care for dogs. They feed, groom, walk and play with your dog all day long. When you board your dog at a high-quality dog kennel, you can be assured that she’ll receive excellent care and lots of companionship and exercise.

Day Care

In addition to overnight boarding, many dog kennels also provide day camp and day care experiences for dogs. Do you hate to leave your pup alone all day long? Does she need time to play with other dog folks? Our dog kennels and facilities offer doggie day care services and doggie day camps to give your pet the experiences she needs and craves to be happy, healthy and socially well-adjusted.

Dog Grooming and Spa

Grooming can be a stressful experience for your pet, but our dog grooming professionals are trained to provide stress-free grooming for dogs of all types, breeds and sizes. We provide basic dog grooming services like bathing, clipping, styling, nail trims, ear cleaning and teeth brushing as well as more specialized services like de-shedding treatments, de-skunking and flea/tick treatments.Looking for even more luxury for your pampered pooch? Our dog kennels also provide luxury spa services including massage and aromatherapy.

Dog Products

cj-7From dog grooming products to dog toys and training collars, we offer a wide range of dog products that we believe in. Our recommended dog products include dog kennels, dog beds, dog grooming tools and dog collars. You’ll find the best dog sweaters and dog chew toys, leashes and dog houses. In addition to basic dog care products, you’ll find an assortment of dog foods and dog snacks, dog toys and everything else you need to properly care for your dog in our dog product stores.


Our dog kennels accept all breeds of dogs and understands the special needs that many dog breeds have. We specialize in breed-specific grooming and care methods and provide the right amount of space and the proper toys and tools for your special pet.

From overnight and long-term boarding to providing the best dog care products available, our dog kennels offer everything you need to care for your dog at home and away from home.